Monday, February 25, 2008

Single mom

I have to admit I do not know how single parents do it. I am just trying to get the basics done, and they do not seem to be getting done. It could be that Steve is only home every other weekend, or that we are never home. I never realized how nice it is to have two drivers at home. With school, basketball (games and practices), swimming, scouts, physical therapy, and Young Men's, we live in the car. Peyton and Marra have permanent imprints in their car seats. With no one home I need a magic fairy to clean, cook, and do laundry.
That being said we are all hanging on. Steve is enjoying his job, and I am waiting for the school year to end to move on. The boys are enjoying basketball, and swimming. Peyton is not a real fan of the water (it's the balance thing). He is always trying to be 'sick' on swim days. He cries through the lesson, but that seems to be his life. Everything is a struggle. I would do anything to make things easy for him.
As for Marra she is just happy to be out of the car.
So being a single mom is not for me. I treasure the moments (and I mean moments) than I get to have my honey around. I know that all I do is because I have the support of a great man. As for being apart... "this to shall pass".
I'm off again, hope I have gas in the car.