Monday, July 20, 2009

The big 14

14 fabulous facts about N8...

Nate is the oldest in the family.

His nick-name use to be "Calvin" because this hair stood straight up, no amount of hairspray could keep it down.

He has a sweet shot.

He is going to be in high school this year.  I know I forgot I was that old too.

Nate has lived in 4 states.  I think he is hoping we finally pick one to stay.

He love the "Bourne" movies. (Just like mom)

Nate is a kind and loyal friend, even if I think they don't deserve it.

He remembers all sorts of facts about people and places. (Just like dad)

Nate is a good and quiet leader.

He has a secret crush on some girl, and won't tell me who.  The nerve of some children.

Loves to hug me, especially when he is sweaty.

His perfect day would be spending the day with his dad playing basketball and maybe a little golf.

Nate loves BYU!

He will officially move up to the teachers quorum on Sunday.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our sunday enjoyment...

She also sings "Brass Monkey" and "Big Girls Don't Cry", she keeps us laughing.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Month in review part one...

... here is a little glimpse into our week in Provo or what I like to call, "How i spent my summer vacation.

...track break, school ends (at least for Nate), road trip, Provo Utah, hotel, movie, BYU basketball camp, sharing a dorm room (Nate and Mase), visit California friends, Marra locking iphone with her own special code (fun), erasing phone, contacts and all to fix the phone (funner), Family Home Evening at training table, cheese fries, visiting Texas friends, park, yummy hamburgers, cupcakes, rain, museum, holding a real snake (Cam in heaven), swimming, awards ceremony, check out of dorm room, visiting Vegas friends, dinner, more basketball, BYU bookstore, drive home...   SLEEP!
Now back to school, oh how I love year-round school.

Cam touching the snake

Peyton feeding the turtle

Goods at the bookstore

Cam holding the snake, I stayed as far away as possible.

The crew + Molly and Garrett


Nate and Mase ready for a great week away from Mom and the little brothers and sister who missed them sooooo much.