Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Observations by Peyton

This past Sunday at church during sharing time (when all of the kids are together for singing & activities) the leader asked if any of the children wanted to share an experience with getting an answer to prayer.  Of course Peyton raised his hand to volunteer and told this story.

Peyton:  um, before we moved away from California Encinitas, when we lived in our blue house, I lost my Buzz Lightyear phone, and I asked Heavenly Father to help me find it.

Teacher:  And did Heavenly Father help you find it?

Peyton (after a long pause): um, no.  We still can't find it.

Teacher:  But did it make you feel good knowing that Heavenly Father was helping you?

Peyton (after another long pause): um, yes?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Week In the Life...

Cameron had his seventh birthday this week.  I asked him what kind of cake he wanted and he said I just want a cookie.  He was so excited to get a cookie bigger than his head.  For breakfast he wanted bacon and eggs and for dinner waffles.  He is so easy going when it comes to his birthday.  

For labor day we met grandma and papa and great grandma at Mt. Charleston for lunch and a hike.  Grandma and papa left before the hike.  It was nice to get out of the heat (105), and cool off for the day.  It was 68 degrees, Peyton said it was cold.

Nathan has been busy with scouts this summer.  Two scout camps and lots of mid-week activities.  He is now at Star rank, looking forward to his eagle.

Mason received his Arrow of Light.  He is ready for his birthday to move to eleven year old scouts.  

 Marra and I are trying to get use to the idea of a little peace in the mornings.  So far we have canned peaches and made lots of jam.  Peyton is making friends, and has a couple of girls in class who think he is "cute".  I am not ready for these kindergarten crushes. 
I started to volunteer in the school again and I am pleased with the teachers.  I was a little worried about Cam's teacher (he has a little trouble sitting still), but after talking to her she says she LOVES him.  She is having fun with him in the class. I sure hope this continues.  

Nate is surviving a new middle school and has made some new friends along the way.   Mason is enjoying having the some LDS kids in school with him.  He is meeting lots of new kids in school who have moved in from all of the country.  

Finally, we spent Saturday watching soccer.  Peyton and Cam had their first games.  Peyton managed to kick the ball a couple of times, and even stayed in with the group surrounding the ball.  Cam had a great time running and running.  He scored a goal and LOVES soccer, even in the heat.