Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Observations by Peyton

This past Sunday at church during sharing time (when all of the kids are together for singing & activities) the leader asked if any of the children wanted to share an experience with getting an answer to prayer.  Of course Peyton raised his hand to volunteer and told this story.

Peyton:  um, before we moved away from California Encinitas, when we lived in our blue house, I lost my Buzz Lightyear phone, and I asked Heavenly Father to help me find it.

Teacher:  And did Heavenly Father help you find it?

Peyton (after a long pause): um, no.  We still can't find it.

Teacher:  But did it make you feel good knowing that Heavenly Father was helping you?

Peyton (after another long pause): um, yes?


Mama P said...

I could hear Peyton's voice when I read this.
Give hugs to the kids for me.

Fern said...

I knew this would be a funny story as soon as I saw the title. I made Tyler stop what he was doing so I could read it to him. Peyton does not disappoint. What a funny kid!

Miss Erika said...

um, awesome. Love it!

CaLM RAPIDS said...

What a hilarious story! We miss Peyton! We miss all of you but we miss Peyton! How fun to see your boys getting scout awards and hear how they're getting settled in school. Yeah, we really do miss all of you.