Friday, May 30, 2008

Before Surgery

Sorry you have to watch sideways.  More pics and family fun coming soon.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The eyes have it!

You may not have heard, but the world has a new super hero.  Okay it's our world, but he is a hero nonetheless. While play with Marra he announced in his best superhero voice...
"I AM FAR AWAY GLASSES".   He has laser eyes that only hurt bad people, and he is always kind to his friend.  Pretty much that sums up our Peyters.  Always happy and loves his friends. (Not sure about the laser eyes, but maybe he just scares off the bad guys). 
On Monday he will have surgery to hopefully fix some of his eye problems the goal is to achieve better balance. (I guess it helps if both eyes look in the same direction at the same time).
Regardless of the outcome I am sure he will continue to be our "Peyters", and smile at whatever the world decides to throw at him.  
I have been thinking a lot about eyes this week.  I was listening to a conference talk I wish I could remember who was speaking, but he was talking about the BYU center in Israel.  The government asked that the students not talk about the church.  They all agreed not to, and then the leader asked them what they were going to do about their eyes.  I realize that many people have this light, and it is something I hope comes from me as well, but I know that Peyton has it.  I have been around so many people not of my faith that ask what it is that draws people to him.  I have strangers in stores stop me to talk to him.  His therapists truly enjoy working with him even on the bad days.  
He is a great spirit to have in our home.  Funny how a four year old can be such a great example. 

Monday, May 5, 2008

When to read?

How do I have make time to read?  Easy I have a different book in almost every room in my house.  Thus 4 to 5 going at a time.  If I have a spare minute I open a book.  If the boys are watching a movie/sports, and all is quiet I sit on the couch and pick up my book.  My favorite place is in the car.  I usually have my favorite book in the car with me.  When I am waiting for the boys at school, sports, and friends I read.  When we had the Book of Mormon challenge a couple of years ago I read the whole BOM in the car it only took me two months. Waiting in the carpool lane at school I have a lot of time. I know I should move "Jesus the Christ" to the car, but this book for me involves a notebook and dictionary so I can keep my thoughts in order (I am on page 274 so I am making progress).  
I also read at night.  If I am into a good book this is where I get in trouble.  I read from 9 at night until I am ready to put the book down.  Sometimes it is not until 3 a.m.  This is only when Steve is gone.  When he is home I can hold off reading until he is asleep.  When Steve is home on the weekends I have been known to read all night and he lets me sleep in a little later.  It is great to wake up to the sound of someone making my kids breakfast and I am not in the kitchen.  
Yes, there are plenty of other things I could be doing, but reading is my escape.  Right now in my life I need all the escapes I can get.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hello my name is Marnie and I'm a bookaholic

I have a problem.   I love to read.  I know that is not always a problem.  The problem is that I read 4 to 5 books at a time.   Currently I am reading...

"Eat, Pray, Love" by Gilbert I hate this book, but at what page do you turn away and never pick it up again?  I keep telling myself that at some point this author will see she is selfish and grow up.  

"Saving Fish From Drowning" by Amy Tan.  Love it.

"Please Pass the Scriptures" by Hilton.  I am reading this and then passing it on to Nate.  

"21 Days Closer to Christ" by Freeman.  This book allows for breaks to ponder (I don't feel to bad that it is taking me more than 21 days).

"Jesus the Christ" by Talmage I will forever be reading this one.  

I didn't realize that I had a problem until I went into Cameron's classroom and had a good look at his desk.  He had a pile of about 10 books and I asked him why he had so many books.  His reply
"I am reading them"
"All of them?"
"Yes, see this one I am on chapter 3, this one I just started, this one I have a chapter left..."

I have created a monster.  One good thing he can keep all the plots straight.  Another gene from me.  Maybe it is not such a problem after all.  (Mason has the same issue)