Monday, May 5, 2008

When to read?

How do I have make time to read?  Easy I have a different book in almost every room in my house.  Thus 4 to 5 going at a time.  If I have a spare minute I open a book.  If the boys are watching a movie/sports, and all is quiet I sit on the couch and pick up my book.  My favorite place is in the car.  I usually have my favorite book in the car with me.  When I am waiting for the boys at school, sports, and friends I read.  When we had the Book of Mormon challenge a couple of years ago I read the whole BOM in the car it only took me two months. Waiting in the carpool lane at school I have a lot of time. I know I should move "Jesus the Christ" to the car, but this book for me involves a notebook and dictionary so I can keep my thoughts in order (I am on page 274 so I am making progress).  
I also read at night.  If I am into a good book this is where I get in trouble.  I read from 9 at night until I am ready to put the book down.  Sometimes it is not until 3 a.m.  This is only when Steve is gone.  When he is home I can hold off reading until he is asleep.  When Steve is home on the weekends I have been known to read all night and he lets me sleep in a little later.  It is great to wake up to the sound of someone making my kids breakfast and I am not in the kitchen.  
Yes, there are plenty of other things I could be doing, but reading is my escape.  Right now in my life I need all the escapes I can get.


Brenda said...

Hey Marnie... saw your blog on your Christmas card and came to check it out! You inspired me to start my own... now I spend all that time I should be reading, writing on my blog... ooops!

Good luck on your upcoming move!

Ari said...

well I dont do carpool,but have done here and there and that is a good time to read, but I've noticed that if I try to read during nap time or after kids are in bed, I fall asleep. I'm so tired at night that I cant keep my eyes opened. You and Liz have inspired me to read more. I love the list of books on your blog. Keep adding to it.
Love ya and see you guys soon.
So how's your patience level being a single mom these days? =)

Ari said...

Two weeks ago was the worst for me and it's gotten better. I'm doing good just hanging in there. Sounds like Joe and Steve are on the same work schedule cause Joe's so busy that coming home is a real problem for us too.
I dont know whats going on with the family reunion but I just sent out an email to matt and everyone and asked him what is going on with the reunion? I'm all for it to meet in the middle if nothing happens with the reunion.
Take care and what surgery is Peyton having? We will keep him in our prayers.