Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Silence is Golden...

The boys are off to school and Marra and I have a couple of hours of quiet.  Marra loves her babies and is enjoying playing mommy with out any of the brothers "helping".   I think I can get use to this. 

Cameron is all ready for 2nd grade.  He is even more excited to take the bus everyday.  I am more than happy to let him.  I got a little tired of driving everyday.  Marra and Peyton are thrilled to not be in the car.  Cam is also happy about the fact that he can buy baseball cards in the cafeteria.  Yes, the school has a vending machine for our sport lovers.

Nate allowed me to take his picture as long as I did it where no one could see.   This was taken in the corner of the yard.  (I did however walk him to the bus stop I am sure he will never live that one down).  He is in the 8th grade and is loving the locker thing.  California did not have lockers so he had to carry his backpack and all it's contents around during school.  

The boys are ready to bug someone else for a change.  I sure hope the teachers are ready.

Mason is in the 5th grade at a new school.  He has already made a couple of new friends.  He is a great big brother and makes sure that Cameron gets off on the right stop.  He even knows the garage code so I do not have to be home to let them in.  I doubt he will ever have to use it, but he is sure hoping.

The happiest of all has to be our Peyters.  He walk right into class and started to work.  "See ya mom" is all I got.  I held it together until the car and cried all the way home.  I am thrilled to know that his body  and mind are working well enough for "regular" kindergarten.  It has been an up hill battle that he has had to climb by himself with the rest of us cheering him on, and he has done it all with a smile.  What a kid!

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Hair Cut

She was such a big girl. No crying, and I only had to hold her head still a couple of times.  I think she really liked the pampering.  The sucker at the end was great too.  She is such a big girl now.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Love School!

I know there are many mothers out there who dread the end of summer.  I am not among them.  I love the first day of school, and I think my kids do too (maybe not Nate, but the rest do). I love a routine.  I love knowing what I am doing every minute of the day.  These past seven months have been a little crazy and I am ready for things to settle a little.  

This year I had the privilege of buying school supplies for four of my five children.  Walmart loves when I come to shop, I always seem to miss the sales when it comes to school supplies.  Oh well,  I also got to buy new shoes for the boys, alright I bought a pair for Marra, and myself.  A girl can never have to many shoes.  In the next couple of weeks I will spend a small fortune on clothes for these boys who refuse to stop growing.  Grandma is coming to visit to shop with us so I am sure Marra will end up with a couple of new outfits.  How we love grandma!!!

So Here are some pictures of our crew enjoying the unscheduled days of summer.