Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day has come and gone...

...and I for one am glad.

I am a mother of five great kids and a wife to a fabulous husband, but I must confess Mother's Day is not the best day for me.
Don't get me wrong, my kids and Steve do many great things to feel loved all day long. I got breakfast in bed, yummy dinner, a new purse, and topped the day off with cheesecake. Who wouldn't feel loved?

No, I do not like Mother's Day for one reason...

Mothers Guilt.

Having a whole day to celebrate a magical person I could never become is hard. Going to church and listening to talks about all the "perfect" moms is difficult, and hearing the song "Love at Home" drives me crazy (I have been known to walk out of the meeting when that song starts).

I am not a "perfect" mom and by the standards set on Mother's Day I never will be.

After years of crying on Mother's Day I decided this year would be different. I decided to focus on my family and that made all the difference.

I enjoyed the microwaved pancakes Cameron and Peyton made for me with out any help from dad. I cried as the kids sang a song at church just for the mom's (no it was not "love at home", I may not have made it through that one), I smelled the flower Marra brought me after church, I smiled as I read the note from Nate, I hugged and kissed all my kids, I acted surprised when I opened my present (Marra told me all about the purse the night before), I even cried when the kids gave me my card which sang "You are so Beautiful to Me".

I did alright.
I did get grumpy at times, but it beat staying in my room all day.
It is my first year, next year will be even better.

I am blessed to be a wife and mother, a role I am constantly trying to improve upon. I am not "perfect", but my family doesn't seem to care.

Now on to Father's Day. It IS my favorite day of the year.