Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh how I love my man...

... today is one of those days when I have had enough.  It took all the energy I had to just get dinner on the table (We had spaghetti).  I just wanted to cry knowing I still had to drive my boys to scouts and young men's.  
In comes Steve early from work (never happens), gets the boys off to scouts, and even takes Peyton to enjoy the evening with the young men.  Cameron is watching a movie with Marra, and I am off to put my feet up before I tackle the kitchen and the four dozen sugar cookies I need for tomorrow.  
Yes, Steve will be helping with the baking!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

September happenings...

We started soccer, and Peyton is enjoying running.  I am not sure he really likes getting in the middle of the group, but he at least runs with the group.  

Cameron on the other hand loves being in the middle of it all.  It is a challenge to keep him on his feet.  He loves to go after the best players and give them a real challenge.  I think next year we will do football, at least it is legal to have contact. 

We also had "twin" day at school.  Can you tell them apart?  I know it is a bit of a stretch, but these are Peyton's best friends, and they all wanted to be twins.  So three Star Wars shirts later we have three Twins?

Here is how the morning started with three boys who really looked alike.  Shirts where changed at the bus stop.

As for the rest of us, we are just busy.  Nate is starting flag football at school and is working hard at school so he can get a phone (we told him he had to get all A's).  He has a class called peer advocate where he helps a boy at school who is autistic.  He gets to help him during class. Nate keeps and eye on him and encourages him take notes and not cause too much trouble in class.  Nate is really enjoying this new challenge.  

I am keeping myself above water or at least floating.  I am now the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society (women's group in church).  I am over education which is nice because it is mostly only on Sunday.  However, we are a brand new ward (congregation), and I have only been here a couple months and I do not know anyone.  The president has only been here a year, and spent most of it in the nursery so we are all trying to get to know the sisters (ladies in our congregation).  That being said Tuesdays are set aside for visits (20 sisters down, 130 to go).  Wish me luck. I am also helping out in Cameron's class again this year.  I have a lady who watches Marra for me on the days I go to the school.  Once again I am going to be searching for a magic fairy to take care of the house that always seems to be on the bottom of my list.   

Steve is work work work it is nice to see him on the weekends even if he still has to go to the office for a "couple" of hours.  At church he is working with the 11 year old scouts Mason can hardly wait until he turns 11 (one month to go).  He is looking forward to a break this weekend when he and Nate are flying to Salt Lake City for the priesthood session, and visits with what little family we have left there.  

We are also waiting for it to cool off.  No luck yet.  Today it is to reach 101.  Happy sweating.