Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Love School!

I know there are many mothers out there who dread the end of summer.  I am not among them.  I love the first day of school, and I think my kids do too (maybe not Nate, but the rest do). I love a routine.  I love knowing what I am doing every minute of the day.  These past seven months have been a little crazy and I am ready for things to settle a little.  

This year I had the privilege of buying school supplies for four of my five children.  Walmart loves when I come to shop, I always seem to miss the sales when it comes to school supplies.  Oh well,  I also got to buy new shoes for the boys, alright I bought a pair for Marra, and myself.  A girl can never have to many shoes.  In the next couple of weeks I will spend a small fortune on clothes for these boys who refuse to stop growing.  Grandma is coming to visit to shop with us so I am sure Marra will end up with a couple of new outfits.  How we love grandma!!!

So Here are some pictures of our crew enjoying the unscheduled days of summer.


Ari said...

Oh I love those pictures of the kids. I cant believe how much Marra has grown and what a pretty girl she is. Love the blonde hair! It seems like you guys had a great summer. I know what you mean about getting back on a schedule. I enjoyed my boys home this summer and was very sad to see them go, mostly sad that Parker wouldn't have his entertainment anymore. OH well, we are having fun together with Olivia too.

Baxter's said...

Molly starts on Monday! Good luck Peyton! It was so great to see you last week! The other day, I asked Garrett, "who loves you?" ANd he replied, "Peyton" :-) Isn't that great! Thanks again! love ya, miss ya!

Rachel said...

I also thrive on's fun to see pictures of your kids!