Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shingles anyone????

I guess the stress of moving has gotten to a member of the family.   Can you guess?  No, it is not me, and Steve is to busy to get it.... It's Cameron.  

I noticed a rash and a limp, and he complained his leg hurt.  I searched the Internet for a doctor got the appointment, and came home with a prescription and a tired boy. The doctor said that it is very rare that a child gets shingles, even more rare for one to get it who has had the chicken pox shot.  Leave it to Cameron to get something hard to find.  

Cameron is never one to sit still, but his leg hurts just enough that he wants to watch a movie.  It should be an interesting couple of weeks.  

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Ari said...

poor kid! I never knew what shingles where, but I've heard of it. That does not sound fun. Tell Cameron we hope he gets well soon. So how's Vegas? Do you like? We have decided to not move...Yeah!!