Thursday, July 10, 2008

One Quiet Moment

They do not come often, but when they do we run with it.  Cameron is sitting still.  He loves to read, but this week he has really been reading.  He finished "The Red Badge of Courage".  When the book was done he was on to bigger and better things.  The quiet has ended and he is on the prowl for someone to drive crazy.  I think his target is Peyton.


CaLM RAPIDS said...

Glad to see that you all made it to NV and are all together again!

Tonya said...

Can't believe it's been that long since you moved here. I would be nice if I would stay in town and we could get together. We are leaving tonight for Provo. Sorry, didn't know you needed transportation. I will be gone al week but back all next week. LEt's plan something. Glad you are here. I wish you were closer