Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why we blog

I read an article yesterday about a blog that makes fun of all the "look at my perfect life" blogs out there.  The author of the blog goes over board and write about everything wonderful in her life and with her family (all of it is fake).   I thought it was funny, because if you read a lot of the "mommy" blogs it is true , mine included.  

So, why do I blog?  I do it for my family.  With all of us living so far apart this is the only way to keep the cousins and grandparents and others aware of the goings on in the family.  I really doubt they want to here about how often I yell or lost it with my kids, or that Steve works so much we may see him even less then we did when we lived in different states, or that it is so hot here you really need to be in water to tolerate being outside, or how instead of cleaning I read (alright I do write about that).  

What I am saying, is that maybe every once in a while I will change it up a bit and write about something I have been thinking about, politics and religion will be included.  Until then please enjoy the "wonderful and perfect" children that I am raising and how "happy" we are 24/7.


Miss Erika said...

I feel like my blog is sort of like my "public to the internet scrapbook." I mean, no one puts the ugly pictures of their last summer vacation in a scrapbook, so it is totally OK if you don't announce to the world on your blog that you yelled at your kids yesterday! I am totally on your side :o)

Mama P said...

I love you and you did have perfect children, just ask me any time and I will remind you of other peoples children. I do hope you have time to enjoy the beach when you come in Aug. Do you know the dates and who will be coming yet?
love your guts!

Tim and Rachelle said...

Hey you guys. Just browsing on your blog. I love this comment Marnie, I love to see the realness in people who can just tell it like it is and see it for what it is. We miss you guys. You sure do have a handsome looking bunch with a little dash of beautiful.