Thursday, July 10, 2008

Here we are three weeks in...

and I think we are doing pretty well.  The kids are making friends, at least meeting kids who brave the heat and come outside.  I am moving the boxes around.  I decided that since we are only renting for a year I am not decorating, and the bookshelves will not be bought until we have a house of our own.  I did however search though all the boxes to find the books I still wanted to read.  They are now stacked neatly against the wall by my bed.  

To help the summer and our move go smoothly we found a couple of water spots to keep us cool, and I even bought Popsicles. (I am not really a frozen treat girl, but my kids enjoy them.)  I even found a library. (okay it's a branch and very small, but I did find a couple of books I haven't read yet.)  We even broke down and bought the kids a wii.  We have never had video games, but they seem to have fun. 

I have met a couple of people, and I am waiting to meet the girl who is a little irreverent, and laughs more than not.  I miss my crazy friends in California.  My phone bill will prove it too.  I love to be around others who understand and enjoy the journey of life.  It is not always pleasant, but sometimes you have to laugh at all the crap that gets thrown at you.  I am far from perfect, and I am always working on myself.  I choose to be happy in spite of what the world tells me I should depressed about.  Size, I can do something about the weight thing, and I have ups and downs in that area, but I try.  I will not get any taller, and my gray hair will not stop coming in.  I spend a lot of time and money at the hair dresser, and I always get the look like "you are how old?"  With all of life's challenges, whether I create them or not,  I choose to surround myself with people and friends who care about me not what I appear to be.  So until I find my irreverent, laughing, enjoys a good book, loves chocolate and will eat it, and size doesn't matter friend,  I will long for my friends in other places.  Thank heaven I have Steve who is all the above and then some. After all what is the point if you can't enjoy the journey.  

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Mama P said...

You are beautiful and I love you, you hot sexy mamma.