Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boxes everywhere

We made it!  After arriving at 11:30 p.m we finally slept in our home in Vegas.  We gladly woke up at 6:00 a.m to watch as the movers move all of our thing into the house. All I had to do was  point them in the direction in which  to put things down.  It is so nice to let someone else do the work.

We have spent the last five days unpacking as much as we can.  So far nothing was broken in the move.  (I was hoping for a new printer, or TV)  I might as well dream big. We have also discovered we have a lot of books and no bookshelves.  I guess I need to shop again!!  So far I got a new bed, and new washer and dryer.  (LG Steam wash and dry I love them.)  I did all our laundry in 4 loads today. You know your a mom when you get excited about laundry.  

We also have a park next door and have been out in the heat to play.  I finally broke down and bought Popsicles for the boys after the park,  even Marra enjoys the icy treat.  We also found a spray park up the road so we can keep cool and play.  

This week has been good.  The best is to be all together.  (Nate is at scout camp so next week will be even better.)


heidikins said...

Hurray for unpacking!! I am so glad you are (getting) settled and have an excuse to go shopping. :o)


Mama P said...

I am happy for you and I know this is the best for your families, but you must know I have finally let go and let the tears flow. I lived through Sunday, but there were only 7 kids and Alia with no mom talks, a lot. Kiss the kids, love and miss you. karie