Saturday, June 21, 2008

Moving Day!

It is finally here.  The day we get to finally get on with our lives and move on to the heat of Las Vegas (110 to be exact).  Instead of sleeping in until 6:00, my mind decided it was a good idea to get up at 4:00.  

I am going to miss parts of southern California.  The beach, the food, real green grass, watching hot air balloons being blown up and flown (they start just down the street from us).  I will miss my friends, I have meet some great people here. Mostly, I will miss Cameron's 1st grade teacher.  She saved up from a miserable year.  

I will not miss however,  the taxes, the traffic (I know, Vegas has it too, I just won't have to drive in it).   I will not miss driving my kids to school everyday and waiting in the carpool lane (an hour round trip). I will not miss the gas prices today I get to pay $4.70 come on $120 to fill up my tank.  I know I could drive a mini van and still fit my family, but I prefer that my children not touch when we are in the car (it is so much quieter that way).   Mostly, I will not miss sleeping in a different state from my husband, and only visiting on the weekends!

So farewell, Cali, I am off to finish the last couple of boxes.


heidikins said...

Good Luck with the move!!


Brenda said...

Good luck with the move! I know you must be excited! Just out of curiosity, what kind of car do you drive where 5 kids can sit and not touch??

CaLM RAPIDS said...

Yeah! How exciting! Go get 'em!

Ari said...

Yeah!!! so happy for you guys to be a family again. Good luck on the move!