Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Peyton loved all of the pre-0p stuff. 

Then it was into the gown and off to sleepy land.  He wanted to smell the strawberry mask.

When he woke up he was happy and ready to go home.  It was hard to keep him in the bed.  He decided with his new eyes he would be able to jump really high.  The nurses wanted him to stay still for a little while.

Holding him still was a bit of a challenge, but we did alright.  Then it was home to rest.  He also wanted a shake from Chili's.  It was the least we could do.


CaLM RAPIDS said...

Thanks for the pictures. Poor baby. We love you Peyton!

mockingbirdjc@yahoo.com said...

Way to go Peyton! I love the video of him singing with the earphones in his ears before surgery! What a funny kid! I hope the surgery does the job and things heal well and he's back to normal (but who can stop him anyway?) in no time!

Mama P said...

Love the pictures. I don't know how we will make it when you move.