Friday, March 7, 2008

Magic Fairies are real!

Yes it is true, they are real.  Mine goes by the name of Mariana and I get to see her on Fridays.  I am so relaxed today.  My house is picked up, the bathrooms are clean, and the brownie mess is no where to be found.  It truly is a dream come true.  
Swimming is still going strong, but Peyton has managed to enjoy swimming lessons.  He is now talking to the criers in his class and teaching them how to deal with the water.  It is funny to watch.  He has almost mastered jumping in.  His legs still shake, but he now lets the teacher move a couple of inches away.
Basketball is ending this weekend (the crowd goes wild, yes just me but I can be loud).  The boys will now have more time to keep up on their rooms, and maybe more time at the beach.  We will be there on Saturday.  How can we pass it up when it is just out the front door, oh how we will miss the ocean.
Tonight the Mason has a friend staying over, so while they are all enjoying a movie with popcorn and fresh chocolate chip cookies.  I will be in my room (with the door open) and reading as much as I can.  With Steve gone I have managed to read a book every three days.  Anyone who has a  good books to read I would love to hear about it.  I am running out. 
All in all it is a good day.  Vegas is getting closer, and my house for sure is a little calmer.  I should have gotten a magic fairy sooner.


Fern said...

Why didn't anyone tell me you sad a blog?! We're so sad you're leaving California. Who will Tyler play basketball with when we come to visit? On the plus side, we're glad you have a blog now so we can keep up with you guys.
As for books, I'm thinking about rereading some Jane Austin myself.

Miss Erika said...

If you haven't read Tuesday's with Morrie, you should. I read it every year, and every time i get something new out of it.

heidikins said...

Ooooh! I want a magic fairy!

Also, I have reviewed a bunch of books on my book blog, feel free to peruse.

Confessions of a Bookworm

Anonymous said...

You deserved the magic fairy! Hello? I highly recommend Heidikins list of books because it's already up on the blog. I could add some but you'll have to wait until I get them up on my blog, and I'm not doing so well!

Viva Las Vegas!