Sunday, July 31, 2011

We are melting... seems only yesterday that we were complaining about the "Big Freeze" here in the great state of Texas.
No one wanted to go outside, after all who owns a coat in Texas.
Ice was everywhere.
We even managed to get a little ice on the inside of our house.

Ice would be nice...

We do have AC, can't wait for that bill.

We have pools to play in.

We even have Popsicles, you have to eat them inside, they melt too fast if you open the door.

We have to leave the windows shut, air is getting a little stale.

We don't have rain.

Oh how we need the rain...

My flowers are dead,
the grass is mostly dead,
and the cars need a scrub.

So while I continue to pray for rain I thought I would catch y'all up on the happenings in this part of our world.

We have some cows,

Enjoyed time in Houston with cousins enjoying the Blue Bell ice cream factory.

 Played the wii (again), with cousins.

Could not resist a couple foam wigs to be entertained by.
Or is it the kids that entertain?

Quality magic show, or was it comedy?

Tin foil boats.  

A big blue blob, no play dough, homemade.  
Why spend the money to watch the real stuff dry out.

An eight-year-old's birthday.
Favorite gift, cash.

A 16th birthday.
Favorite gift, the privilege to date.

A water relay..

and finally a dunking booth.

It's hot and humid, but by next summer we will be used to it.  Right?

Up next? 

A Baptism.
Way to go Peyters,
and a family road trip.

Stay tuned and see where we end up.

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Wanna be farm girl said...

Cows?? So cool!! I am so jealous!!!