Monday, August 22, 2011

It's the First Day of School... least for four of them.
Marra and I start next week.
More about that later, and a snap shot on how we spent our summer vacation.

Peyton is ready for the 3rd grade and pretty sure he can ace those TAKS tests he has been hearing about from all of his brothers.

Cameron is King of the school in the 5th grade. Basketball is front and center in his mind, lets hope his teacher is ready for the energy about to enter her room.

Mase is also King of the school in the 8th grade.  Ready for another year of basketball and early morning practices.  We tried to get him to play football as well, but he is not going for it.  

Nate is a junior. I know, crazy he had to grow. Is enjoying the dating thing, but wishes it was a little cheaper.  He has started to be a little more creative and managed a date for free. That is mom and dad already had the food at home, but free to him.

The gang ready to go.

Marra the loan wolf at home.
Until next week when she too is in school.

It is soooo quiet here at home.  Marra is playing with her dollhouse, and the only other sound is that of the fan.  What is a mom to do? Dishes? Laundry? Vacuum? no, I think I will read a book.  I can do the rest any time.

That and get ready for my kindergarten class that starts next week.  One book shouldn't hurt.

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ty.haley.t-dog.p.babyg said...

so cute miss marnie! love the blog! it's been a long time missy! has it we've both moved to the country. go figure! so glad to see the fam is good!