Friday, January 16, 2009

You're It...

I have been tagged by my beloved sister-in-law Liz. Because I love her so much I will actually complete and pass on this tag before the day ends (thank goodness I live on the west coast).

7 things about yours truly...

#1 I struggle with the whole “political correctness” thing. I love to laugh and in doing so I will make fun of myself, and at times others. I also have some strong opinions about things with which my more liberal-minded friends do not agree. It is when I am around such people that Steve wishes he had a mute button for me. I have gotten better at business meetings I simply avoid topics that may offend. However, if they ask me about an issue all bets are off. Sorry Honey.

#2 I can read anywhere anytime. The world can be falling apart around me and I can still keep reading. In fact I prefer noise. Silence is when I have to look up from my book. If it is quiet in the house you know something is going on that needs your immediate attention.

#3 I can actually sing. I’ve sung solos, duets, quartets, and in choirs, for prophets, veterans, friends, weddings, and of course church. I sing in the shower, kitchen, and always in the car. My favorites to sing along with are country songs, but Queen is a good alternative.

#4 I don’t like to sweep or mop. The floors get cleaned, but not very happily. I have invested a small fortune on products that promise an easier cleaning, but they are not my friends. The trick is getting the kids to enjoy it.

#5 I am VERY competitive. I don’t deal with losing very well. In my teens, my church team always seemed to lose to the same team (Canyon Rim 4th). One game I snapped and strategically broke the nails (both hands) of their best player. I was hit with a technical foul and had to have an interview with the stake president to continue in the league. Was it worth it? Of course it was – we won.

#6 Sometimes I have a hard time putting myself first. For years my mom has sent me money for my birthday and every year I spend it on somebody else. We haven’t had many nights without the kids, and when we do it usually seems to involve house hunting or childbirth. When we do get away, like a few months ago when Steve took me to a kid-free week in South Carolina I find that it can be nice to be a little selfish sometimes.

#7 At one time I was organized. With each child I let more and more slide. I can get all my kids to church on time, to school on time, I can have dinner on time, and I can even get all of them to their games on time. But open my cupboards, pantry, desk, and closets and be prepared for a mess.

Now it’s your turn... I tag Karie, Ari, and Brenda.


DeShelle said...

This is great info about you, Marnie. I guess I didn't know you very well because I never would have guessed you were that competitive. It's a great story! I think I am with you on the organization thing. Please don't come over and check any of my drawers. It would give poor Martha Stewart a heart attack. Tell your family hi!

Mindy said...

great to hear from you. Wow...your kids are so big. I can't believe your oldest is 13 & you have 5! but you got your girl! you look great as well. keep in touch.

Mama P said...

Thanks Marn and I thought we were friends. I did my "tag" like a good girl. I promise I will email you and catch you up on all the latest dirt.