Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bring on 2009...

...Funny how 2008 can come to an end and I am among the few who can honestly say, “I have achieved every goal I set". I can say that because I decided to simply survive.

I survived a year of single parenting (I pray I never have to do that again), driving kids to school, endless trips to and from Vegas, movers, moving, landlords, new job (Steve), doctors, surgery (Peyton), Church callings, birthday (3 more till fabulous 40), an election, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas. Something’s I handled better than others, but I survived.
I learned that I am a better person if I have a plan. I need a map with directions and an end goal in mind. For 2009 I want to do more than just survive, I want to thrive.
How do I plan on doing this? After all I did take an entire year off. For me it is with one simple word…

Noun; beauty or charm of form, composition, movement, or expression; an attractive quality, feature, manner; a sense of what is right and proper; decency thoughtfulness toward others; goodwill; favor.

I am choosing a word for the year, and all my goals are set in line with it.
* I will be more Gracious when talking to others. (I hope my family will benefit most from this).
* I will be Gaceful in body and spirit by:
Showing control in temper, diet, and exercise.
Developing skills in writing, housekeeping, and cooking.
Balancing church, school, family, and friends.
* I will find Grace with my Heavenly Father.

Grace will be with me day to day in the hope that at this time next year when I choose a new word I can one again say that I have accomplished all I set out to do. With Grace it is possible.


Tonya said...

I'm afraid this year will be my SURVIVE year. I haven't thought about goals or improving myself. I'm shooting for just not killing my teenager and not gaining another 50 lbs. Not working so far. I wish you lived closer, I need a walmart, lunch and park friend. with all the drop offs and pick ups I have yet to come see you. sorry. i'll call you this week

CaLM RAPIDS said...

I love your word! What a great idea. Good luck for this new year and I hope things slow down a bit for you. Check out my blog--I tagged you!

McDonald's - Life as WE Know IT! said...

What a great way to look at the new year...with one word that is always under utilized!