Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm still here...

I know you are all wondering where I have been. I would love to say I have been on an extended vacation celebrating 15 years with a fabulous man, but truth be told I have just been living my life as a wife and mother of five fun and crazy kids.

I have been living life to the fullest with basketball, soccer, church, more basketball, more church, buying a house, not buying a house, house hunting again, hoping to find the right house, paying taxes, a quick trip to Zions (my first time, sad I know), and always dealing with a two year old princess.

I am just tired.

My life is just that, life. Ups and downs and plenty of unknowns. I am trying to enjoy the ride, I only wish I got to set the course and speed. For now I am content to hold on.


Me & My 2 Randys said...

LOVE the pictures, the kids look like they are having a blast! Hope you are enjoying the crazy times too :) Miss ya!

Becky said...

Marnie, I am so glad that you are alive! Now that I have a blog...unimpressive as it is...I check yours often and am sad when there is nothing to read. THANKS for making such a cute post! Your kids are darling...and wow, Mace is stinkin' tall! He and Grant rival eachother...I do believe. I so need to call and catch up. We are hoping to stop by Vegas in July sometime...just the kids and I. I will let you know. Are you going to Women's Conf.? If so, we need to at least say hi and give eachother a hug... Take care.
We sure do miss you!!!

Mama P said...

I love the pictures and I love going through life knowing that I have friends like you, going though all of it with me and holding on for the ride too!