Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let the hunt begin...

…I figure if I write it down it will really happen.

Almost four years ago we moved from the great state of Texas and left homeownership behind. We journeyed to the land of opportunity aka California, for a good job, but not so good house prices. Thus the renting began.

Renting does have its perks: no hassle with lawn care, no home maintenance, and no selling it when you move.
On the other hand, renting has a few drawbacks: no pride in ownership, can’t paint the walls any color you want (white can get real old real fast), if you don’t like something the HAVE to live with it, and then there is always the landlord. Some are good, but others should be a four-letter word. It is also a killer on your taxes.

Oh I digress…

In honor of our house hunt here is my wish list…

At least 3700 square feet
5 plus bedrooms
3 plus bathrooms (I do not share a bathroom with the boys why should Marra suffer?)
A loft for the children (in some areas this room may be called a game room, I remember them as basements)
Half and acre or more (I am dreaming here)
Pool (still dreaming)
Basketball court (almost waking)
Dark cabinets (White does not work with my family, all the little fingers)
Double oven
Granite counters
Wood floors

As long as it is wish list self-cleaning walls and toilets

…Alright, just find me a self-cleaning house.


heidikins said...

I want a dishwasher, a washer/dryer, and A/C. Swoon!


Tonya said...

you crack me up. I will add to that wish list. Close to the Dillards.

Baxter's said...

i didn't know they had self-cleaning houses in Vegas! Utah stinks.

McDonald's - Life as WE Know IT! said...

Good luck...hope all your wants and desires com true!!!!

CaLM RAPIDS said...

Good luck with your house hunt! Your list is a good one!