Friday, July 2, 2010

Better late than never...

I think I have said that before.
Oh well, I have tried to post this several times and it never sounded just right.
I will just speak from the heart...

Happy Father's Day to my dad. A man who is never short on words, and has never met a stranger. I love his strong popeye arms and his bear hugs.

To my angel father-in-law, who left this earth life far too soon. He is watching over his children and smiling at all of their accomplishments, and sheds a tear in their trials. He left a 5-year-old boy with a few vivid memories and a lasting impression of hard work, integrity, honesty, and a strong testimony of faith.

Steve, the man of my life & the man who still keeps me laughing and enjoying the journey together as parents. The dad who is always willing to "play ball" even when the doctors have told him no more (pretty sure his knees will not last through grandchildren).

Most of all I love him because...

...he gave me all of these.

Love you all and I am so thankful for the many parts you play in my life


Rachel said...

How sweet! You're right, it is better late than never.

But I do get that sometimes it is hard to post ones feelings. Sometimes the emotions are tender and sometimes we just procrastinate (at least I do :)

Hope you guys are doing well! Tell Steve Hi.

calmrapids said...

Love this. It brought tears to my eyes.