Saturday, August 28, 2010


...summer has gone,
and I was a little sad to send my kiddos off to school, (now that is a first). Somehow we all survived the first week.

Nate is a sophomore and ready for drivers ed, girls, basketball, girls, seminary, a little more basketball, girls, and hopefully a little learning in between.

Mase is off to his second year of middle school, and one year closer to being the "big man on campus". His size helps him to blend in with all the existing "big men". I think by the end of the year he will be able to share shoes with his dad. Oh how I hate to buy men's shoes for a 12 year old.

Cam tells me "fourth grade is the best, it has lots of science". When not consumed with all things that can gross a mom out he is excited for soccer, basketball, friends, football, anything to keep him moving, and always plenty of math and science.

Peyton was so eager for second grade getting him to sleep was more challenging than usual. While I was trying to get him to sleep he told me..."I already have my clothes ready. I am going to wear my 'awesome' shirt. Everyone will see my shirt and think that kid is awesome, and I will make friends just like that". (SNAP)...

...I'm sure it worked.

That left Marra the lone child at home...

That is until next week when she and I go back to school. Marra will learn, I will teach. Marra will be with friends and play, I will be teaching some fabulous four-year-old the fine art of getting ready for kindergarten.

It should be another great week at school.

Still kind of miss these guys.

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Mama P said...

I miss these guys too!
love you