Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I should be... the bathrooms,
...putting the last bit of laundry away,
...straightening the family room,
...taking out the garbage,

but I am not.
I am sitting at the computer wasting time until I pick up the kids from school.
I am tired.
I know lots of people are tired, I am just one more.

Fall is here, the kids are in school, and the weather is GREAT!
I am loving my part-part-time job.
Yes, after 15 years of being a stay-at-home mom I am working outside the home.
I teach a preschool class two mornings a week.
Nice for Marra so she can meet children who are not her older brothers.
Great for me because I get to do what I love, teach.

Other than that life is the same,
house still needs to be cleaned,
dishes need to be washed or put away or both,
grocery shopping,
the list goes on.

I did add one more thing...
I started to teach my two youngest boys piano.
Crazy I know, but trying to find the time to drive them to and from piano, and wondering what their teacher must think of me for not forcing them to practice as much as they should.
It is easier... for now.

I also bought Nate a guitar DVD so he can teach himself to play.

I love a house full of music, even if the count is off and slightly out of tune.


Me & My 2 Randys said...

Love ya Marnie :) You keep me feeling sane!

pinksuedeshoe said...

I should be doing all of those same things, and instead I am wasting time on the computer waiting till Creamie wakes up from her nap. Bathrooms and arbage can wait till tomorrow, right?