Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4 of "The Deep Freeze"...

...and I am ready for the thaw.  As a Texan I have developed thin blood, that doesn't seem to warm up in temperatures less than 60 degrees. (I can hear my dad saying "wimp") Aside from the freezing temperatures, and the snow, I need the thaw so my sweet children can be in school.  For their safety and my sanity.

Day 1 of no school brought much joy with a day off and Dad home because his office was closed.  A miniature golf tournament was started. Marra was content with a few preschool worksheets and scissors and glue.  Homemade pizza filled bellies at lunch and soup and homemade bread was enjoyed at dinner.  Amazing what you can bake when you are home all day.

Day 2 started early with rolling blackouts and a continuing game of mini golf.  Soon a Pokemon war started and golf was forgotten.  Soon an NBA tournament on the Wii began and peace from the Pokemon war was restored.  "Left-Over Day"was declared for lunch and my sweet hubby braved the streets to bring me a fresh supply of Diet Coke.  Dinner was tacos or left-overs again.  Thanks to BYU basketball the evening was tolerated.

Day 3 started earlier with the sound of my sweet children arguing about who could be on the computer first.  Next came the news that our gas company (we use propane to heat our house and cook) that the gas truck was running SEVERAL days behind so conserve as much as we can - the thermostat was promptly turned 60 and on went my jacket.  The kids are in shorts and not bothered with the cold.  Mini golf is in the entry way, puzzles are everywhere and Marra is trying to convince her brothers to play her "Princess Chutes and Ladders" game with her.  The Wii basketball tournaments continued. Lunch brought "how many bubbles can you blow in your milk", with a side of soup and Panini sandwiches.  Fried rice and chicken help the feast and dinner, and my Diet Coke is dwindling once again.

We woke up this morning to greet Day 4 with six inches of fresh powder.  Dad's office is closed again.  We will make it another day, at least I am pretty sure.  I am down to my last cup of Diet Coke and no gas truck yet.

Putting all that aside I am still grateful to enjoy time with my kids and a couple days of hubby at home.  After all who else would brave the elements to bring me a drink.  Thankful for food storage that has given us much to eat, perhaps i need to store more of my drink.

Now off to enjoy a movie snuggled in a blanket.


heidikins said...

Oh goodness, that's crazy! I hope ya'll have a great couple of days together (doom pending?) and I really hope the gas trucks show up to heat you back up to a balmy 72. ;)


pinksuedeshoe said...

How much room does it take to store a one year supply of Diet Coke..... I mean, they always say store the essentials, right? You know, wheat, rice, water, toilet paper, Oreo's, Diet Coke...