Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I lack in many things...

... mostly time.

I wish I was better at this blogging, so my parents could get happy updates of the going ons in our world.  I should be better, my mom writes a note to each of her grandkids EVERY month, not a small task when you have 20+ notes to send. I think I should be able to manage one update a month.  Perhaps that should be my goal, but I would hate to fail so I will wait on that one.

Life is busy... work, laundry, paying bills (seems to be the only time I get on the computer), dropping kids off, picking kids up, trying not to panic that my son is learning to drive, and always basketball.

Nate and Mase went rockclimbing with the scouts.  Mase who is afraid of heights actually did it.  I think our recent trip to Sea World and all the rides we forced him on may have helped.
 Marra enjoyed the snow more than anyone.  Even when the heat was on she wanted to be outside.
 We also enjoyed some much loved "Jimmer" time with our friends.
So life is good, busy and I would love to tell more, but I am off to pick up the kids.  Oh how much they need to start taking the bus.

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Mama P said...

You are and forever will be one of my heros. Love and miss you