Monday, February 27, 2012

I must confess..

...I like to listen to sports talk radio.

I know the girl who swore she would NEVER marry any one who loved sports, just happened to meet and marry the biggest sports fan. Alright maybe not the biggest, I do not have to decorate my house with sports paraphernalia, but pretty close.  Baseball cards and magazines are a part of my life.  I avoid most sports on TV, why watch when the volume of our house can tell me of a win or loss or even a great play.  That, and Cam is always running in with detailed updates. Who needs sports.
Apparently I do..

I used to listen to music..
but have discovered listening to the music on the radio in the morning is filled with Hollywood talk.  Why should I care who is sleeping with who and if a paternity test is needed. So my children really need to hear that?
So I moved on...

I moved on to talk radio...
I soon tired of the politics.
Perhaps it is due to the childhood memories of running around the state capitol building waiting for the session to end so my parents would take me home.  Often I slept in the window sill waiting for that last bill to be signed.
So I moved on again...

I let Marra choose the CD, but I can only listen to "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" for so long before  the actual spiders creep into my brain feasting on what is left of my brain cells.
I had to move on once more...

In my search for entertainment on my hour drive in the morning as I take children to seminary and school, I came across sports talk radio, and I laughed, my boys laughed, and Marra has even giggled a bit.

They are funny.

They say things I wish I could say.

My boys think I am almost cool.

I even amaze Steve with a few stats here and there.

Most of all I like that they say things as they really are.

Players, just do what you are getting paid for.
Play ball, just ball, no politics, just sports.

Now if only I can find a station that tells Hollywood and Washington to do the same.
My mornings would be set.

Then again, if the players aren't listening,
Hollywood and Washington probably aren't either.

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