Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Day of Rest...

...to be "present" on the day of rest, means I will try to join the kiddos in activities that may be going on, I will set aside a Sunday nap for the greater good, family.
All the time?
I will try.  Sunday is a day with a lot of no's at our home.

No basketball,
No Ballet,
No work,
No football,
No school,

just family.

This week, due to some procrastination, we set out to help Cam finish his science fair project.

Yes, it was Sunday.
Yes, the project involved a ball (I know shocking).
Yes, even a couple of the kids ran around.
But, my fabulous hubby bought me a new camera and I wanted to try it out, mostly on the sport shots.

Science Fair 2012.
"Bat"ter Up
Which bat hits farthest: metal, foam, plastic.

Cam in full swing.


Peyters and Nate in the outfield

Dad pitching
Mase was the catcher, and Marra cheered from the sidelines and fed the cows.
The camera was fun to play with and Cam's project was done on time and he did it (the poster) all on his own.  After watching all the other projects walk in this morning, pretty sure more parents did work than the kids.
Next time maybe we will start a little sooner.

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Mama P said...

Love the sun glasses Cam! miss you all. Hope you are enjoying your sunshine. love you