Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Halloween revisited...

When I am not so tired I will tell all about the trip with my fabulous husband to South Carolina, and the bittersweet diversion to Dallas.  Having one on one time with Steve was something I have needed for a long time. As for Dallas, I forgot how much I have missed my friends in Texas.  

So on to Halloween.  Steve loves to dress up.  This year is no different than any other.  He is always the same!! This year it scared Marra.  I am the same every year as well, I am a witch.  No costume needed.

 Marra is the beloved Tinker Bell.  Yes she picked it herself.  She LOVES Tinker bell, and would not dream of anything else.  We all know here that the princess is in charge.  Wings and all.


Mason is picking his own costumes these days.  He is the Devil.  He even bought the mask on his own (mask is down a few pictures).  He loves to Be anything that involves coloring his hair.  This is the first time to go red.  It took a week to get it all out.  Needless to say he looked great in his shirt and tie.

Cameron is Superman this year.  He said he wanted to be Superman, I said great we have a cape in the "box".  No mom I want you to buy the costume, no homemade stuff.  Picky, picky, it was nice not having to sew anything.  I am still sewing on all the scout badges.  Maybe when Peyton gets his eagle they will all be on.

Peyton on the other hand wanted me to make his costume.  He decided to be Peter Pan.  After no luck on a pattern and a sliced finger,  (thank you Walmart stools), the family talked him into also buying a costume. So this year I managed to not have to sew anything.  Of course I am looking forward to sewing all the princess dresses, they look like more fun than the bloody football player or the ghost we seem to always be doing.

Finally Nate, he is too old to enjoy running through the neighborhood filling his bag with candy.  He got to pass out the candy this year.  He dressed of for the occasion.  He is a gangster scout.  I did draw on a mustache and beard.  So a belated Happy Halloween to all.


CaLM RAPIDS said...

Cute costumes and cute boys and princess! Stef loves Tink, too. They should get together--Hey, we should all get together!

Mama P said...

I keep forgetting to call. Tink left her pillow and her tink cup at our house and I found a pair of batman's socks.