Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sea World, Friends, Beach and Prop 8...

... So I left Nate and Steve at home and took the four other children to enjoy a few days in California.  We "had" to go to see Peyton's eye doctor, but that was only one day of the five.  I have to thank our friends, who we lovingly refer to as the Quarterfields for opening there home to three very loud boys, a princess, and a tired mom.  We loved every minute.  The  Library, soft beds, video games, and the great food, even the crunchy enchiladas!  We enjoyed the beach and Sea world, and we were able to see a few of our friends we have missed.

Being in Encinitas I was able to witness my friends standing up for what they believe.  I cheered as I drove by the sign waving of the "Yes to Prop 8" signs.  What a sight to see the youth wearing yes to Prop 8 t-shirts, and standing united against the CTA (or PTA).  

Watching my friends stand up to those who disagree with them, and it being the election it is my turn to stand up for what I believe.  I do not want to live in fear of what someone may think of me and the values I am teaching my children.  

I have the right to raise my children the way Steve and I decide is right for our family.  The school system and the government do not get to tell me the values I have to teach my children.  
So here is what values we are trying to teach our children...
-Marriage is between one man and one women.
-Your are responsible for the choices you make and the consequences that follow.
-Treat others with respect.
-If you do not agree, you have the right to speak against it.
-You get to go to church, because that is what our family does.
-You are a Child of God.

I am sure other values will follow, for we are still in the raising part of our family.  Our goal is to raise honest, respectful, self reliant adults who are ready for the world they will have to live in.


Baxter's said...

It was great to see you and the fam! You need to email me those pictures. You ARE raising wonderful, respectful children, who know exactly who they are. I hope to do the same. You're the best! Miss you!

Alisa said...

Way to go Marnie! I'm so glad we agree on the same thing! Your kids are awesome too, so you and Steve are doing a great job. I miss you guys so much! I'm glad you got to go to San Diego again, and I hope we get a chance to see you soon. :)

Mama P said...

We Quarterfield's always love a visit from the Cottrell family. Thanks for coming to see us!