Thursday, November 20, 2008

Faith family and friends...

I have discovered there are three things that I need in my life...Faith, Family, and Friends.  It is because of these three things that one day I will be the person I am trying to be. 
First, Family.  I include all in this group, brothers, sisters, children, spouse, parents, and on and on.  All have helped me to be who I am and incourage me to be who I want to be.  They have been a big help this last week while Steve and I had a week together in South Carolina.  My parents came and stayed with our kids last week, and even stayed an extra day when my plans suddenly changed.  I knew that my babies were being taken care of.  This gave Steve and I a much-needed break to enjoy a few days without having to talk over our kids.  It was great.

Steve and I enjoyed a few days on the coast of South Carolina.  While Steve was at his conference all day I was pampered at the spa, and shopping sprees (I decided I really don’t like shopping).  I also had a little time to myself to think and read.  Steve and I enjoyed the beach, room service, maid service, yummy sweet potato fries, and of course the “turn down service" (I love the treat on the pillow).  Having him all to myself made coming home that much harder to let him go to work.  I want to call, text, and email him all day, but I guess he has to do other things.  I do love being with my kids, but something is always missing until dad comes home.

         Steve is my rock, He is the one to keep me balanced, and bring me back when I let my emotions get carried away (even if I don't like it).  He keeps things in perspective while we are on our path, even when there are bumps along the way.  One of our bumps happened while we were away.  A dear friend (Steve) passed last Friday leaving behind a wife (Amy) and four young children.  All I wanted to do is hold my kids and Steve close, but I was on a flight to Dallas to be with my friend and attend the funeral. 

         That is what brings me to Friends.  My friend Amy is strong and I know that she and her children will be all right.  While they will miss their dad and husband, they know that there is a plan, and that Heavenly Father is in charge.  Amy has such poise.  She spent much of her time during the viewing giving comfort to those who came to comfort her.  I laughed and cried remembering the times we spent together with our families.  While in Dallas (36 hours) I spent time with friends I have not seen in a very long time.  Enjoying dinner and late night snacking while we laughed and cried together.  I learned of births, marriages, missions, callings, children, teens, and divorces.  Even when hearing sad new I was in the safety net of my friends.

         Finally Faith.  It is through my faith in Jesus Christ that I know life will be all right even with these bumps.  He is my Savior, my Comforter; he brings peace into my crazy life (yes, I know I create much of the crazy).  It is through this eternal perspective that I know that Amy and Steve will one day be together again.  I know that Heavenly Father welcomed Steve home and will help him continue on his journey, until it is time for Amy to be by his side.

         While this last week was bittersweet, it had helped me see the things I need to do to get where I want to go.  It has taught me to know what I need to do to be a better mom, wife, sister, aunt, daughter, friend, and of course a child of God.  It is with my Faith, Family, and friends that I will get there.


CaLM RAPIDS said...

What an amazing week. That really de-fogs my perspective. It's like taking a spiritual Claritin. I'm so glad you love Steve so much. You have an awesome and amazing family and it is SO comforting and strengthening to know that you will be with them forever. And you will be my sister forever. :)

Baxter's said...

After reading this, I am grateful to call you friend. You're the best.

Mama P said...

Dear friend you are wonderful. Keep leading the way!

McDonald's - Life as WE Know IT! said...

I so agree...I always wonder how those that claim that there is no God, get up in the morning...for me it would be sad to not know that all of this is for a purpose!

And I love that I can keep up on your precious family! What did we ever do without the internet and blogging!!