Sunday, November 13, 2011

My favorite day at church...

...Once a year the children in Primary (children's church), present the program for our Sunday services.   It is my favorite meeting of the year. 
There are many reasons why, but the main reason is because to hear the testimony of a child through scripture and song of our Savior, Jesus Christ makes for a very powerful and uplifting church service.

Of course I cried a few times throughout the meeting. 

I love to see my children sing, and I always have one who does a little entertaining as well.

It is usually Cam, and he did so again.

Not sure if the  the highlight of his entertaining was him doing the "walking down the stairs" and slowly disappearing below, or watching him do the robot. 

We smiled, clenched our teeth, and mouthed SING!!!

Eventually he stopped looking in our direction. 

He did sing...eventually.

Marra and Peyton smiled, and between the three of them (Cam included), it was a wonderful meeting.

To watch my children testify of Christ and to feel their testimonies is truly priceless.

I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is my elder brother, and I am forever grateful for his atoning sacrifice for me, and all others on this earth.  I know that I am blessed. I know that it is through Him that I too can live with Him and Heavenly Father again. I know that I am a child of God. There is nothing more that I want for my children then for them to know the same. 

To witness this program every year gives me hope that I am on the right track.

Next year I will remember to bring tissue.

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Mama P said...

I got to go watch Fern's boy in their Primary program, I also love that day, even when the leadership is a little faltered, the kids make it all work. I have done some catching up on your family and I realize it isn't healthy for me, I just miss you all too much, but I realize I need to get back to my blog. I love and miss you all!!!