Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wow it has been a while...

...I would love to say I have moved mountains in my absence, but no, I have kept up mostly with my family. 

Big things happening here, well big for our family.

Steve and I are officially the BIG 4-0. I know, I can't believe it either.  My hair has been telling me how old I am for YEARS,  (thank you Grandma O). 
40 has not been too bad.  I did have a small breakdown, but that may be due to the fact that my oldest set up a time to take his SAT. 
40 is reminding me that my children are growing up, and my parents are getting older, and life is not slowing down at all. 

Nate is an official driver.  I know CRAZY!!!! He can now drive without a parent in the car, he can drive to dances alone. Now here's to hoping he can get a job to drive to, to pay for this lovely insurance we get to pay for.

Mase made the singing group at school "Limelight".  It still amazes me how much he love to sing, or is it entertain?  He also made the 8th grade basketball team.  Let the basketball season begin.

Cam at Halloween, he was cleaner in this picture.

Cam survived three days at 5th grade camp.  Alright I will be honest, he LOVED it.  I missed him sooo much.  So I survived him being at camp for three days.  Now he is ready for more basketball.

Peyton earned his orange belt in karate!!! He has been working so long and hard to move up.  He had to break a board with his hand, and did it.  I cried, my kids do that to me. 

Marra is loving ballet and tap. I cry there too.

Steve is coaching basketball again, with four boys he will be doing it for years.  He is a great coach, and the boys love him and learn so much through him.

I just finished report cards and am starting parent teacher conferences.  I LOVE it.  I have the best class. Teaching is fun and the kids seem to be learning.  I hope they are learning, we are having a lot of fun. 

I am now helping out in cub scouts.  Scouts are always busy, I pray I can keep up.

Our family is planning on heading to St. George for thanksgiving. The Casper's are having a reunion. It  has been years since all of my siblings have been together.  It will be so fun.

Now all I need to do is think of talent to share at the reunion?

That,  and all the other stuff I still need to get done.

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pinksuedeshoe said...

What a bunch of milestones! I hope you have a great time in St.Geezy. It was so fun to see Steve a few weeks ago at Alisa's wedding. My little Creamie took a liking to him right away. I'm pretty sure he bribed her with Oreos.