Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let the vacation begin...

...I have known for a year now that we would be making the big trek out west to my parents home for Thanksgiving.  But for whatever reason, I waited until the last week to get ready.  NOT the best way to start the trip, but hey it works out for us all in the end.

20 hours in the car...
only stopping for gas...
driving straight through the night...
making it in time to see our friends football game...
Cafe Rio..

worth it.

Our many friends here have made the lack of sleep bearable.

Currently we are on day two and enjoying time as a family and seeing some of our friends here in Las Vegas.

The view from our room.
The boys are ready to play on the beach, who knew Vegas had a beach.

Sitting outside by one of the many water fountains.

So far the highlights of the trip have been friends and watching my children enjoy being together.  Tomorrow it is more friends and a date for Nate the Great.
Yes he has been waiting for this date for a long time.

...Peytonism: something always sounds better if you put "resort" at the end of it.
bed resort, bath resort, school resort... he may be on to something.

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